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I had lots of fun drawing all the wonderful stuff and taking photo's you see here. If you like them please comment, I really need the feedbacks :iconbeggingplz:

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this gallery might feed your cravings. ;)


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ABNEGATION: The Selfless
[x] You don't (particularly) like to draw attention to yourself.
[x] You are more concerned about other people's lives than your own.
[/] You find joy and fulfillment in making other people happier, safer, and healthier. 
[ ] You believe that the world would be a better place if selfishness did not exist. 
[X] Other people see you as somewhat difficult to get to know. (the people I have to work with yeah.)
[x] People see you as quiet and kind. (some people do)
[/] One of the top priorities in your life is serving those around you. (it feels like that way and it makes me feel sad)
[/] You want your friends and family to see you as someone who is willing to make sacrifices and help anyone in need. (i do that anyway)
[] You believe that hiding one's beauty is good, and that one should not be too focused on just themselves. 
[/] You prefer to wear clothes that will attract the least amount of attention. (not always)
[/] You wear mostly plain clothes with neutral colors 
[/] You wear almost no accessories. (we're not allowed any its against work's policy)
[] If you do wear something on your wrist, it is almost always a watch, because it's practical.
[] You are reserved and calm.
[] You act mature for your age.
[x] You like to know the truth rather than simply assume something is true.
[x] You don't like making assumptions based on rumors.
[X] You don't think very highly of yourself.
[] You are not self-indulgent.
[] You believe in taking only what you need, and nothing more.
[x] You like to help others.
[x] You often do things for people out of the kindness of your heart -- not because you expect something in return.
[] Your favorite color is creamy white, gray, or beige.

TOTAL: 12 (

AMITY: The Peaceful
[] You are most at peace when people around you are getting along.
[x] You love music and dancing.
[x] You love art and poetry.
[ ] You laugh at almost anything.
[x] You believe that aggression and hostility cause most problems.
[/] Other people see you as flaky or indecisive.
[/] People also see you as easygoing and approachable.
[X] You believe that your highest priority in life right now is to find peace and happiness for yourself.
[/] You most want your friends and family to see you as someone who is liked by everyone. 
[] You believe in giving freely, trusting that you will also receive.
[] You believe the opinions of others cannot damage you.
[/] You believe in forgiving and forgetting -- the past is the past. 
[x] You try to think and say good things about people.
[/] You believe cruel thoughts lead to cruel words and actions. 
[x] You like to wear clothes that are comfortable, but interesting to look at.
[] You like to wear clothes in warm and bright colors, such as red, orange, or yellow.
[] You don't get too upset about anything, and try to believe some good will come of the situation.
[] You like to feel peaceful with no worries -- like everything in the world is happy and at one.
[/] You are playful with your friends and family, but never hurtful. 
[X] You believe being kind and friendly to everyone is important. [most people.]
[] You believe in treating everyone in a loving manner, even if you do not necessarily like them.
[/] You live a simple life, and just want to make people smile.
[x] Your favorite color is red, orange, yellow, or brown.

TOTAL: 10.5

CANDOR: The Honest
[x] You are straightforward and honest with everyone. (only online)
[] You are honest no matter how difficult it is or how much trouble it gets you into. [I try but sometimes get intimidated.] 
[] You aren't easily offended, and treat insults like a joke. 
[X] You prefer to hear the truth, even if it hurts.
[x] You believe the world would be a much better place if everyone could just be honest.
[] Other people see you as sometimes insensitive.
[] Other people also see you as trustworthy and self-confident.
[/] The highest priority in your life right now is seeking truth in all things.
[x] You want your friends and family to see you as some who is trustworthy.
[] You prefer to wear clothes that are simple, but still express your personality.
[x] You like wearing a mixture of black and white clothing.
[] You are very blunt and straightforward in anything you say.
[/] You love to kid and joke around, even if it means accidentally hurting someone's feelings.
[] You believe some people could learn to take a joke.
[] Sarcasm is like a second language to you.
[] You can easily recognize a liar.
[x] You believe lying is cheap, and that people deserve to hear the truth. 
[x] You couldn't tell a lie to save your life. 
[] You love when people are telling a lie, but you know the exact truth of what they're trying to lie about.
[] You see the truth as black and white, and very frank.
[] You love debates.
[] You don't mind getting into arguments; you usually don't take them seriously. Plus, you almost always win them.
[/] Your favorite color is black or white. 

TOTAL: 8.5

[] You love a good adrenaline rush.
[] Danger is equal to fun and excitement.
[] You don't let other people dictate your behavior.
[x] You do what you believe is right, no matter how difficult or frightening it is.
[X] You believe things would be better if people were not afraid to do what was necessary to make things right.
[] Others may see you as often abrasive or harsh and insensitive.
[] Others see you as strong, bold, and courageous. 
[/] You face your fears when necessary. (I faced my fear of a garden spider and bravely squished it...had to be done)
[] You don't let your fears control you and who you are.
[] When faced with a problem, you often turn to violence.
[] You're always up for a good fight -- physical or not. 
[X] The highest priority in your life right now is developing your strength of character.
[] You want your friends and family to see you are someone who will protect them no matter what happens.
[] You love wearing anything that will attract the most attention.
[] More than half of your wardrobe is black clothing.
[/] You love tattoos and piercings.
[] You're bold, and not afraid to say or do what is necessary.
[] You will always protect the ones you love, no matter what.
[] You love to get your blood pumping and your heart racing.
[x] You believe justice and liberty is something to fight for.
[X] You believe in ordinary acts of bravery, and in the courage that drives one person to stand up for another.
[] You don't believe that learning to master violence encourages unnecessary violence.
[/] Your favorite color is black.

TOTAL: 6.5

ERUDITE: The Intelligent
[x] You enjoy learning new things.
[x] You try to understand how everything works.
[x] You tend to make decisions based on logic rather than instinct or emotions.
[x] You believe the world would be better if everyone were well-educated and devoted to learning.
[] Others may see you as sometimes condescending and a smart-alek.
[] Others also see you as intelligent and insightful.
[] You love to throw out random fun facts about various things.
[] You see math as simply solving a problem or puzzle, and love it.
[x] You believe science is one of the most important subjects, as it logically teaches how things work.
[] The highest priority in life for you is success in work or school.
[] You most want your friends and family to see you as someone who offers wise advice.
[] You often make smart choices, using logic and reasoning to back up your decision.
[] You like to wear clothes that will not distract or prevent you from doing what you need to do that day. 
[] You love wearing blue clothes.
[] The color blue looks good on you.
[/] You are very serious in all that you do.
[] You know when it's okay to joke around and when you must be sincere. 
[] You put all your focus into the current task you are accomplishing. 
[x] You believe that with intelligence, focus, and determination, anything can be accomplished.
[x] You believe that a calm mind is a clear mind. 
[] You believe knowledge is power.
[x] You think people with glasses are not "nerdy", they simply look intelligent.
[] Your favorite color is blue. 

TOTAL: 8.5 



1. What color of skin are you?
Just meh, white (somewhat pale)

2. What hair color are you?

3. What eye color are you?

4. Do you have freckles?

5. Do you have braces/or glasses?

6. What style is your hair mostly?
flat and horrible.

7. Skinny, Fat, or normal?

8. Big feet, normal, or small?


1. Bi, straight, or gay/lesbian?

2. Religion?

3. Support gay rights?


1. Divorced or married parents?

2. Step parents or married parents?

3. How many siblings step's included.
1 sister and 2 step siblings.

4. Lots of cousins or not?

5. Close to your family or not?


1. Song you love?
Flesh - Simon Curtis.

2. Band you love?
Red Hot Chilli Peppers.

3. Type of music you love?
Rock, Pop, Anime, 90's.

4. Color you love?
Red and Purple, sometimes black.

5. Food you love?
Rice dishes, pizza's, chips.

6. Time of day you love?
can't think of one.

7. Books you love?
Manga, horror/fantasy.

8. Movie you love?
Howl's Moving Castle, Practical Magic, DOA, Resident Evil, Bridget Jones Diary.

Love Life:

1. Boyfriend or Girlfriend?
None. ;-;

2. Single or Taken?
Single. (maybe forever)

3. Crush or Love?
Crush (and you guys know who it is)

4. Someone crushing on you?
No (it would be nice if they just tell me privately)

5. Any crush in the past month?

6. What would you say if your friend asked to be with you?
..I doubt any of my "friends" (irl) would do that.

7. Do you trust a lot of people?

8. Do you get heartaches whenever your lonely?
All the time...

9. Do you like to cuddle?
Yes. :3

10. Perfect date idea?
Oh jeez, really?!

See a movie, night stroll by the sea and stargaze. (meh cliche corny stuff) XD
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  • Playing: Tales Of Xillia 2
  • Drinking: cherryade


08benji's Profile Picture
Male /26/ United Kindom
Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
United Kingdom
Hello my name is Benjamin, but everyone calls me Benji. :wave:

Im a really friendly guy and give everyone lots of love and respect. If you want to be my friend then that's really awesome lots of hugs for you! :huggle::heart:

I'm part psychic and can give out readings for the week ahead with my Tarot Cards for free (send a note for requests)

My secret desire is to become a yaoi artist and writer, would also like to meet other yaoi fans and be friends. ^_^
Also I draw lots of OC's because my imagination runs wild so I hope you enjoy what you see.

:bulletred: Cooking :cake:
:bulletorange: Drawing :pencil:
:bulletyellow: Making new friends :handshake:
:bulletgreen: Writing
:bulletblue: Anime (including Yaoi) :iconyaoikissplz: + :iconyummplz: = :iconmonkeynosebleedplz:
:bulletpurple: Reading

I made some great friends on DA there's too many to mention but you're all equally special and im glad to have met you all! :huggle::heart:
Friends! :iconparameister::icondiscarbia::iconsilverwolf1992::iconzombimandi::iconanbusakurachan::iconmonasona:...and many more! <3


PS3: silverblaze55
-Obssesed With Yaoi- by Quiirin

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